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Who We Are?

About principal

Aim of shivalik little kingdom, established in 1991 is to prepare the younger generation for a higher spiritual and harmonious life in according with the vision and teaching of shivalik and the mother. The basic aim of our little kingdom is to help children grow at their natural pace, according to their inner temperament and capacities and impart the necessary training to their physical, vital and mental parts to achieve an overall integral growth. Every child is born with unique capacities and as teacher we aspire to provide a variety of experience and help the child discover these capacities. In encouraging the help the child discovers these capacities. In encouraging socialization, we help the child to find out voice of peace and harmony and move toward s conscious, enlightened reasoning and choice.

About school

What matters in education is what matters in life. shivalik little kingdom preschool cultivates life – long learners and prepares kids in a way which empowers them with a strong academic foundation , and awareness of others, makes them socio- emotionally stable and responsible citizens with critical thinking . shivalik has special facilities which work on the provision of the best learning experience for our preschoolers . Be sure that your kid will enjoy his or her day preschool because shivalik offer everything what makes study fun, diverse and safe. Our progressive, individualized teaching philosophy prepares children to transit smoothly in the best school of the country .we constantly strive to fulfil your expectations.

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